Following the news already widely circulated in the media, we again remind you that a strike by the Transport Trade Union and a strike by the Dangerous Drivers are scheduled for August 12th.

The Transport Industry Union strike is scheduled to take place between 12 and 20 August.

The Hazardous Material Drivers’ strike is scheduled to start on the 12th, but its duration or end date is not known. Given their nature, these strikes could produce a series of effects, collateral damage that Justlog is totally and completely oblivious to.

We have taken, as possible, the necessary measures to minimize the effects of these strikes on our daily operations. There are, however, some operations that depend on the intervention of third parties, and we cannot, of course, assume responsibility for those.

Hopefully common sense will prevail between all parties and it will be possible to avoid these inconveniences, with incalculable costs to businesses and the economy