The right logistics partner for your company to take your business even further

In the globalization time, with diversified markets and increasingly competitive economies, the versatility and flexibility of logistics planning quickly became the key advantage factor of a company over its competitors.

At Justlog we try to offer our customers the best logistics solutions, drawing the most appropriate routes for transport your goods, efficiently, quickly, safely and with the lowest possible cost.

Just in time. Just where you need.

With an experienced, qualified and motivated team, combined with integrated global logistics solutions, your company have in Justlog a partner that allows you to focus your attention exclusively on your business, with confidence and assurance that the transport of your goods is assured by the best solutions available on the market.

The shared responsibility we have built up over the last two decades with our customers and suppliers is an essential factor for our successive and sustained growth.

20 years in which we have established our corporate DNA with a differentiating vision, values ​​that distinguish us and a passionate mission in the business area in we are involved.

Sobre Nós - Justlog


In a market where technology assumes an increasingly important role, we believe that our human capital will always be a differentiating factor and therefore decisive for achieving the objectives we propose ourselves.
Its permanent appreciation is a fundamental reason for our project.
The creation of the most diverse and daring partnerships is another path that we decided to go through, having as pillars ethics, transparency and respect for all stakeholders. Together we go further!


Find alternative answers to the challenges posed by each of our customers and the market in general.
For this we rely on the knowledges of our team, grounded on the values that belong to of our business DNA.


Quality in all details and with all interlocutors, always aiming to achieve excellence.

Positive attitude to obstacles, looking for creative solutions to overcome them.

Rigor in the pursuit of our objectives and in the response to our client expectations.

Empathy because we stand in the place of all the stakeholders and feel their needs as ours.

Ethics in the way we position ourselves in the market in which we are and in the new ones we intend to conquer.

Respect for our employees and business partners, pillars of our success.

Passion for what we do, which impels us daily to go further.