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Our Team

At Justlog we all walk in the same direction guided by a common and shared goal, with joy, enthusiasm and passion for what we do, creating the necessary strength for our growth.
To know how to work as a team is the guarantee that collection and individual success is achieved
The strength and willingness of our individuals at the service of the team is a key factor that distinguishes our company.

Providing the best customer service means not only presenting the best solutions, offering competitive prices, having the best tools, but above all, having a qualified and motivated team to feel your needs.

We want people who are satisfied and focused to carry out their duties.
Jorge Ramalho

A motivated team not only produces more, it produces it efficiently, objectively and on oriented way.
Being a services provider, we evaluate the needs of our customers and draw the solutions that best fit the challenges they create to us.
For this, it is necessary to listen and feel the client, designing in partnership alternative solutions

At Justlog we do not intend, nor offer, the same suit for everyone. We believe in differentiation, tailoring our offer to each type of challenge presented.

We can only achieve this level of quality of service with daily motivated employees, with a special dedication for what they do and with a spirit and positive attitude towards the obstacles they face.

The office door is always open and we are available to talk about any subject.
Paula Soares

To take better care of our customers, we start by taking good care of our employees.

The integration and spirit of the team we call “the Justlog family” is fundamental, but also the daily recognition, the working conditions we offer and the quality and valences of the physical space that we have.

This is also why, as an administration, we have an “open door policy”.

We are always available to hear and actively listen to our employees. Whether they are personal or professional issues, opinions or suggestions, among other things openly discussed, our team knows that the continuous improvement and change opportunities presented are the essence of our personal and business growth.

After all, it’s our employees who have their ears on the market, who listen to our customers and are an essential contribution to our success.

All this because…

Together we go further