Supplier Qualification Policy

JUSTLOG assumes quality as an essential management tool, in order to ensure the company’s competitiveness, through a policy aimed at the complete satisfaction of its customers, developing a partnership relationship with its suppliers, in order to find opportunities for mutually beneficial business.

Therefore, JUSTLOG qualifies its suppliers, based on the following criteria:

  • Competitive price;
  • Legal capacity to perform the services;
  • Quality of the service provided;
  • Partnership relationship (history of services provided).


The performance of its suppliers is periodically evaluated, taking into account:


  • Analysis of the requested documentation (when applicable);
  • Calculation of the Quality Index (IQ), through the list of the number of services provided, JUSTLOG team evaluation and how failures were recorded, such as:


  • Deadline failures;
  • Lack of timely communication;
  • Damage, loss or exchange of goods;
  • Failure to follow specific instructions;


The evaluation results allow us to classify suppliers into the following levels:

LEVEL I – Consistent quality (apt).

Updated documentation.

IQ >= 75%


LEVEL II – Variable quality (apt, but requires improvement).

Missing or outdated documentation after an assessment performed.

IQ >= 50% e IQ < 75%


LEVEL III – Unacceptable quality (unfit).

Missing or outdated documentation, after second consecutive evaluation

IQ < 50%

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